“Caring for a child is the first and fundamental test of the human-human relationship”
(Pope John Paul II. New York: October 2, 1979)


John Paul II Supplementary Polish School was founded in March of 2006 as a non-profit organization to develop creative and challenging curriculum for children of Polish heritage. The program will help them develop awareness and understanding of Polish language, religion, culture, and history.

We are committed to promote loyalty to America and to be proud Polish-Americans in Our Community. We are dedicated to foster a sense of community, cultural identity and Heritage. To carry out our mission, we have a voluntary active Board of Directors to coordinate activities.


Our school invites children to learn Polish language, religion, history and Polish culture. Lessons occur every Saturday from 9:00 am – 1:00 pm.

Our school is a non-profit educational institution, one of approx. 200 Polish schools in the USA. It was organized by parents who, at the time the school was established, expressed their desire for their children to learn about Polish culture the use of the Polish language, knowledge of family history, geography, literature and tradition. SCHOOL IN EMIGRATION is an institution for children and youth that WORKS THANKS TO PARENTS. We want you to feel like hosts there. We need your presence during school hours in order to ensure the safety of students during breaks and meals.

We would also like you to help us in organizing school events and – with your talents – to contribute to the enrichment of our Children. Let this school be the school of our dreams and a meeting place for friends.

School Board

President: Michał Kaczor
Principal: Renata Gędzior
Vice Principal: Joanna Kujalowicz
Treasurer: Józef Mastej
Controller: Anna Michalik
President of PTA: Katarzyna Dziadyk
Board Members: Jolanta Dzięgiel, Mariusz Lubas, Tomasz Capała

Address and phone numbers

School Address:
24 Changebridge Rd.
Montville, NJ 07045

Mailing address:
Polska Szkoła Jana Pawła II
P. O. Box 252
Lake Hiawatha, NJ 07034

Phone Numbers:



Sponsoring the School

Our school operates as a non-profit organization and is based on the social activities of parents. Our operation is based on three main pillars of financing: fees for attending school, all kinds of fundraising initiatives and donations from local businesses.

We invite businesses and individuals to support our school. For more information on this subject, please contact us by filling in the form.